I woke up a little nervous today since it’s the weekend and I have less to “occupy” my mind.  Plus we normally have “cheat” days on the weekend and/or eat out for lunch and dinner.


  • Sauteed peppers, onions, spinach with olive oil
  • 3 eggs sunny side up
  • Banana
  • Black coffee




  • Taco meat (ground beef, onions, green peppers, taco seasoning)
  • Romaine for wraps
  • Sour Cream (Whole30 mayo with a few teaspoons of lemon – it gives it a nice zing that plays really well with the taco meat)


  • Roast Beef
  • Sauteed onions in olive oil
  • Roasted cauiflower and brocolli
  • Bananas/Raspberries/Blueberries


I like waiting up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Also not starving, but definitely ready to eat. First there’s three dogs to take out, then there’s 3 cats who are about to lose their little minds because it’s BREAKFAST LADY, BRING THE FOOD NOW MEOW!  As I’m feeding them, the dogs are circling and pacing back and forth, drooling all over the floor and/or whining in agony from hunger pains…or so an outside person would thing. Coffee doesn’t come quickly enough. I wish there was a way to speed this entire price the fuck up. 30 minutes later and I can finally pour myself some coffee and start breakfast.

We were going to head out to the farmers market this morning, so it was our quick egg breakfast. A classic apparently.

At the market we picked up a cantaloupe, an assortment of peppers, cucumbers for pickling and local grass fed ribs and ham steak. I’ve never had ham steak but they were out of chops already so I needed something porky.

We stopped at a few other stores and then came home and relaxed by reading and watching some tv.

Oh let me tell you about LUNCH!  Oh that was good.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the ground beef, but then I decided on trying tacos in lettuce wraps. SO GOOD!  And it’s quick and easy to make. Perfect for weeknight dinners.  It will go into rotation. I could eat it every day.

For dinner I through a roast beef in the oven, at 450 degrees, and the cauliflower and broccoli and then sat down and read. I love easy cooking.  Plus roasted cauliflower is to die for.

We shall not discuss how late I went to bed. Yeah.

For a weekend day, I feel pretty damn good and dare I say it, proud of us! Not only are we eating good food, but we’ve added another thing to do together. We’re cooking together, shopping together, and just talking more. I know this would be so hard to do if we weren’t both on the same page about it, so I’m super grateful that we are. We’re in this together and excited to be. Plus Sean loves to give me fun facts like, Did you know that the red color in a lot of juices is created from INSECTS!  Yeah we had that conversation in the middle of Harris Teeter yesterday…me not believing him, googling the ingredients in a banana, strawberry juice and being horrified with the results. Your welcome.

Tomorrow will be Day 7. I can hardly believe it.