Two weeks! We’ve made it through the half way point and my pantry has hamburger rolls and hot dog buns. My fridge has cheese (glorious cheese!) and macaroni and potato salad.  We’re having a BBQ and not everyone coming is doing Whole30 or Paleo or anything for that matter.  So…we’ve got stuff for them, but we’ve got more stuff for us!

I went into this day knowing that I would have non-compliant food RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE…tormenting me with it’s cheesiness and mayo-ness. And I looked directly into the abyss of “The Foods of Hell” and laughed.


  • Sweet potato hash
  • 2 eggs
  • Spinach…lots of spinach




So a word here.  Because of the timing of everything we ate lunch later than usual and dinner earlier than usual.

  • Two burgers sliders on lettuce with onions, homemade mayo and homemade guacamole
  • Cucumber salad
  • Grilled Zucchini
  • Roasted spiced nuts
  • Fresh veggies with guacamole


Having a bunch of people over during our Whole30 went really well.  We choose appetizers that we could eat.  The first was spiced nuts that I made that morning.  Super easy to make and SO GOOD!  Everyone enjoyed them and it wasn’t something that seemed odd or out of place.  We skipped the traditional chips/pretzel and put out a tray of cut veggies with a veggie dip (store bought) and our homemade guac.  The veggie dip was barely touched. Everyone went for the homemade guac because it’s that damn good (thanks to my amazing hubby for whipping it up).

For the BBQ we had non-compliant salads which my mom made and brought – that included macaroni salad and potato salad.  I also made corn on the cob.  For us,  I made fresh cucumber salad (sliced cukes and diced red onion  in water/vinegar/olive oil with fresh parsley) and grilled zucchini.  As for the meat, we went with hamburgers and hot dogs (from the farm – no preservatives or anything added) which we did on lettuce while everyone else grabbed a bun.

For dessert I made a huge fruit salad and my mother-in-law brought raspberry bars for everyone.  I can’t say that their crumbly-goodness didn’t entice me a little, but the fruit was more than satisfying.

My overall takeaways:

  1. I didn’t miss the buns at all
  2. Having normal food that everyone can enjoy was pretty easy and didn’t make me feel left out or different
  3. Allow other people to bring non-compliant dishes
  4. We totally forgot to get cheese for the burgers because it’s so off our minds.  CHEESE!  Off my mind? How is that so?  We had to borrow some.
  5. Guacamole should be on everything
  6. I should have figured out a way to do both lunch and dinner. It’s a work in progress.
  7. Everything we couldn’t eat (the salads, the buns, the raspberry bars, etc.) went right back out the door with people who can enjoy them.

I call this day a huge success. We had some great food to enjoy while staying compliant and not feeling left out.  I didn’t really miss the cheese or the salads at all. I could have eaten a raspberry bar though…that is my danger zone. I just don’t manage desserts well. I knew that going in but I also thought bread and cheese were just as high as desserts and it’s clear to me they are not now.

All in all, I felt really good all day with a lot of energy to zoom around cleaning and cooking and just as much after to laugh and have fun.