One month ago, this sweet gentle and precious little girl named Ava Belle came to live with us as our new foster dog.

She is really a little thing, weighing only 13 pounds. She fits right in, size wise with Dew and Frosty. The vet estimated her to be no more than 2 years old. She is also completely deaf and mostly blind — she can see light and some shadows, but for the most part she can’t see at all.

When she arrived, having never had a special needs dog, I was pretty scared. Then I realized, more than scared, I was really angry.

What sort of low life drops off a deaf/blind dog in a shelter? What sort of asshole breeds merles together with the likelihood of 25% of the puppies being blind, deaf or both? How do they even sleep at night?

I was angry for Ava. What a cruel fate for such a precious soul.

It wasn’t fair.

She deserved better.

I quickly learned though, that she is the most amazing and resilient dog…neither upset nor bothered by her circumstances.

She lives completely in the moment.

I could learn a lot from her…we all can.

As far as she knows, we are all the same, in every way. She isn’t different. She is exactly the same as every other dog she meets.

She loves people.

She loves cuddles.

She loves cookies.

She loves running around in the yard.

She loves meeting other dogs.

She loves hanging with her people.

She is smart, and vibrant, and happy, and so full of life.

Her forever home is going to be with a very special family. One that will hold her dear and never betray her, for she loves and trusts with her whole heart.

For now…she is ours and we are hers.

Every day I am thankful for her. She reminds me to be patient, to trust myself and others, to love unconditional. And most of all, to let go of fear…because what’s the worst that can happen? You run into a pole, bounce off and keep on going.