I have figured it out.  There is the most simple cure for puppy fever.  If you want a puppy, foster a mama and her nursing puppies.  THEN deworm them.

Puppy Fever Over!

It’s like fucking magic.  Disgusting, awful, the worst day of my life magic.

I could not go to bed until almost 2am last night because all I envisioned were worms…everywhere.  Did I feel one on my foot?  Is it now in the BED?  OMG strip the bed, take a shower, what’s that feeling on my head?

OCD people should NEVER EVER deworm a puppy.

This is Layla.  She is the mama dog we are fostering right now.  She’s a double merle, but it seems she can see and hear just fine. She is a wonderful mama, taking very good care of her beautiful pups….all 8 of them.

Before she arrived I was so excited and a little nervous about having so many little ones to look after.  Layla does most of the work though.  The poor girl has to be so exhausted…plus being in a new place, with other dogs that she does NOT want anywhere near her babies. I imagine it’s a bit stressful for her, but she’s getting through it.

We have Layla until the 2nd…and I know I’ll miss them when they are gone, but I will not miss the spaghetti poop and the pooping all over and the poop on them. Day 2 and I’m already pooped out.