I am obsessed with desserts. I am obsessed with design. S0, of course, dessert tables will be my new obsession. I love them and wish I could make them every week.

Out of the few that I’ve done, this might be my favorite.


From the backdrop (tulle, sheer curtains and burlap) to my antique wooden crates to the table that used my old (50+ years) barrel, it all came together.


Of course there was pie. Lots of pie, thanks to my sister-in-law Lisa. Apple, Coconut Custard, Pumpkin and Chocolate Silk. So much good pie.

My traditional thanksgiving not only includes pie, but also NY style italian cookies, like rainbow cookies and butter cookies with raspberry jelly with chocolate and sprinkles.



Then there was cake.

The most amazing pumpkin cake I have ever had. If you make one cake in your life, make the Pumpkin Browned Butter Bourbon cake.

There are no words for this cake. I will love it always.