Next Wednesday will be our last day of Whole30. Around the end of week one, I started thinking about what getting to the end would mean.  What will we do? How will it work reintroducing foods?

So from Day 8 through Day 21, Sean and I would have at least one discussion a day regarding our plans after Whole30.  In the early talks I wasn’t sure where I stood.  I could see maybe trying cheese again, and perhaps a piece of cake.  Did I really want to go on never eating a piece of fucking chocolate cake again?  That would be ridiculous.

Then something happened and I don’t know exactly what it was.  I feel so great eating this way that the thought of not feeling this good is scary. The thought of having a piece of cheese and not enjoying it, or having that cake and feeling awful the next day…is just not appealing at all to me.

Maybe if I didn’t like what we’re eating now, that would be different. Maybe if I still felt shitty. But I don’t.

I’m getting tired of saying it but I feel better than I have in a really long time, and not a few weeks or months, but years. I also don’t feel like I’m missing out or depriving myself of a single thing.

What I do feel is this overwhelming sense of control and freedom that I never had around food. I do not spend one single moment of my time thinking about a calorie or fat gram or point value. I do not obsess about what I can fit into my daily calorie intake or what I’ll be able to eat at the next meal.  I do not exert one single ounce of energy on feeling badly or guilty about food choices.

This Whole30 thing, really did change my relationship with food. I’ve still got more work to do, but it totally feels doable now.

So what’s next for us? 

Continuing to eat whole foods – whatever you want to call it…Whole100, Whole365, Paleo. I have no desire to reintroduce grains or dairy. I might like to try peanut butter, but without bread, what’s the point?  And if on my birthday I want to eat a piece of chocolate cake, I will.  However, I would rather try to make a paleofied dessert instead and have that as a special treat.  And when I have to go and eat somewhere, I’ll make food choices that are inline with “whole food eating”.

My biggest thing is that I don’t want to go back to how it was at all. There was nothing that I ate that was worth feeling that bad.