Today marks one week since we started our #Whole30 adventure. The week went pretty fast and I have to admit that both Sean and I are pretty proud of our success so far.  Dare I say, it’s been pretty easy and we found some food that we really like.

I’m going into this week more prepared.  Prep, prep, prep is the name of the game.  Having the fridge in order is vital to success and also quick meals.  I just don’t have the time to spend an hour or more preparing each meal. At the very least, I’m getting much better at chopping!

Take a peak into our fridge/freezer…


Love opening up this draw and seeing the colors


Quick grabs of green leafies


Chop and organize everything! I put a folded paper towel in the bottom of “wet” (berries) food containers


Gotta have the mayo and dressings. Sean is a fan of salsa which he adds to eggs or steak. And almond butta of course!

Last week I cleaned out the entire fridge and moved anything that would “keep” to the fridge we have in the garage.  The rest I gave to my mom.  I did the same with the freezer.  Really the only thing we keep in there now (and it used to be PACKED) is meat and some frozen vegetables.


Meat and more meat. And some Frosty Paws for the pups up top

Today we shop for a few things we need to replenish, like spinach and eggs…more cauliflower and just a little bit of fruit.  I know we went a little overboard last week because I wasn’t really sure, but now that we’ve been through a full week, I feel like I can gauge what we’ll need better. I’m also going to make a trip to Whole Foods to see what items they carry that I can’t get locally. Not so much fruit/veggies but things like bacon or pork chops and possibly some Whole30 approved dressings/marinades.

I’m still working my way through the book It Starts with Food. What an eye opener.

From the back of the book:

What if you could increase your energy, sleep better, improve your mood  and lose weight – permanently? 
What if you could break the unhealthy cycle of food cravings, indulgence and guilt – forever? 
What if you could naturally change your tastes, so the foods you love to eat are the same foods that make you healthier? 
And what if you could eliminate the symptoms of your medical condition – just by changing the food you put on your plate?

If you are thinking about doing Whole30 or maybe just have a really unhealthy relationship with food…I’d suggest reading this book.  As I’ve mentioned, my relationship with food has always been bad…I found comfort in food.  It’s been a constant source of happiness and guilt for most of my life. In one week so far, I feel so much more in control then I ever have. I thought I was in control before, but food was controlling me. I just didn’t really see it until now.

I’m excited to see what this coming week brings.  More energy!  I’m down for that. Less moody?  Okay by me (and I’m sure Sean won’t mind)!

We are both also trying to get on a better sleep schedule.  11pm – 6 or 7am would be ideal. The main issue has been having more energy which keeps us up later.  That’s really not an issue though is it? We just have to figure out what will work best for us.

Also wanting to add more exercise. I plan on starting Insanity today.  We did it last year and I loved it.  It’s fucking hard, but so good. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t do the exercises to the level they do in the video, but I find it motivating in a way that I don’t find out exercise programs.  There’s something about seeing these poor bastards, who are so fit already, dropping left and right to take a break because THEY can’t do it either…pushing hard, digging deeper. I modify the shit out of the routine, but every day I get stronger and can do more. I’ve found this type of setup works really well for me.

So with the added exercise, I’m hoping to burn more of that energy I’m creating by eating so clean and in turn, that means I should be tired when it’s bedtime. That’s a formula that makes sense, right? 🙂