Yeah there were blogs waaaay back then. I started my first one in 2001, on blogger. Those were the days.

Y brought up (yes I just linked to someone and it’s not about a giveaway, or an affiliate link, or MY BRAND, or any of that other bullshit) what people miss about the “old school” days of blogging.

Things like:

  • Wonkboards
  • Comments – to really comment, not comments because someone is giving away something and you want free shit
  • Blog Skins – back in the day when you get buy one get one for $99 bucks (kill me now!)

  • Blogrolls
  • Having fun


  • Not caring about branding or marketing strategies
  • Connecting with real people. Community

That’s probably the biggest thing for a lot of people who responded. That community. The core group of bloggers that you really go to know. That you truly cared about and enjoyed reading them.

I’m thankful today some of those same bloggers are people I’ve stayed in contact with but never met in person. I do wish though that some of that old school blog stuff came back.