My most dreaded email sentence is:

“This is outside of the initial scope of work and will incur additional fees.”

For years, I hated scope creep. It not only made for uncomfortable conversations, but also projects that seemed to never end.

I had one project that took almost 18 months to launch.

There is a better way though and it took me a long time to figure it out.

We’re not reinventing the wheel

Once I started to position my projects with a specific goal, scope creep disappeared.

Everything we do, we ask if it will get us to our goal or if it’s something “nice” to have, or something that “seems cool”.

If it’s not directly inline with the project goal, it doesn’t happen.

It sounds easy, right?

It is!

It’s when you don’t have a specific goals and clients are left researching and perusing around to see what others are doing, that scope creep creeps.

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