About a week ago, I saw two Australian Shepherd puppies (about 6 months old) located at our local county kill shelter.  They had until March 11th to get out or they would be killed.  Thankfully the rescue that I volunteer for was able to find them another rescue to go to.  But, they wouldn’t be able to get into that rescue until March 16th or 17th…much later than there kill date.

A lot of time, rescues can pull a dog, but they need a temporary foster who can take care of the dog or dogs for a couple of days to two weeks, until transport can be arranged.  Knowing that these pups were going to die, I begged Sean to let me take them in.

We already have a foster.  Ginger has been with us since early January and when we agreed to foster, I agreed that we would only have one dog at a time.  So this would be totally going against that agreement and I was sure that Sean would say no…not because he’d want them to die, but because he doesn’t want things to get out of control.  If he set no boundaries, we’d be fostering 5 or 10 dogs and who knows how many cats. So I appreciate where he’s coming from.  I’m insane, and he keeps that insanity in-check.  Thanks honey!

After explaining to him that both dogs had a rescue, they just needed to crash here for a few nights and that I would TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, he said yes…without any hesitation.

Of course that sent me into a total tail spin.  Could I really take care of them?  Coming from the county shelter, they would have been exposed to parvo, or kennel cough or who knows what else, and by taking them in, I could be risking our own dogs and foster (even though they are up to date on all shots, you never know)…can I handle that?  I was nervous and scared, but the alternative was just not acceptable.  So last Thursday, I pulled them from the shelter for New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, a great organization, that I worked with a few months back when trying to assist a family in our town with rehoming their aussie.

When I got them home they were just so excited to be free. They ran around in our yard for about an hour, rolling in the grass, wrestling with each other and being silly crazy happy puppies.

There was no doubt that we made the right decision.  Look at those happy faces! Look at that little play bow. How could anyone kill these babies?  It makes me ill just thinking about it.

For the past week, they have been in our guest bedroom.  I picked up two crates for them, though I wish I had gotten one large one because they LOVE to be together.  Because of the risk of disease, they’ve been separate from our dogs, which has involved a lot of clothes changing (I have specific clothes I wear with Inky & Blueberry) and a lot of sanitizing…which bleach! And if you know me at all, I hate bleach, but it’s the only thing that will kill parvo so it was a must.

Every day, I worry about these two. I’m constantly gauging the food they are eating (is it enough? are they eating it all? is there any vomiting? ) as well as inspecting their poop rigorously (is that blood?  is there any signs of diarrhea?) and of course making sure they are acting just as playful as a puppy should (Does Inky seem tired?  Is Blueberry wrestling as much as she was yesterday?).  I know I can’t stop parvo from happening, but watching for early warning signs is so important. I even have Sean check in on them in the middle of the night to make sure everyone is okay.

Thankfully they have been great. Eating, playing, and pooping like champion puppies.

Today I took them to the vet to get their health certificates and they are all set to head out this weekend to their permanent foster.  While it’s been a stressful week making sure they were healthy and our dogs remained safe from any spread of disease, it’s also been fun. Having two puppies is exhausting but also really wonderful.  They get along so well, and I could watch them play all day long.

There is just something something about these two though.  It’s hard to explain really.  There’s this immediate connection, this bond that’s just there, like it should have always been…I feel that way with both of them. I love them so much and we’ve only known each other a week 😉

A little piece of my heart will leave with them.  Knowing that they have this second chance at life though, is totally worth any heartache I’ll feel.

“For one little time you are mine. I will feed you with my own hand. I will love you with my whole heart. I will make you whole. -Diane Morgan”