It’s been 12 weeks since Bionic Frosty.

The first few days were really rough. He was in pain and highly uncomfortable but I was a mess.

He was freaking amazing and hopped around, did his business and just wanted to snuggle.

The progress he made was quick and by day 3 he was already putting weight on his leg.  We went in for 6 rounds of cold laser therapy followed by a lot of physical therapy.

By 7 weeks post-op he was ready to go. And go! And never stop again. This was probably the hardest part for him. He was feeling great and it seemed like it was hard for him to understand why he had to be in the crate and why we carried him up and down the stairs and why the hell couldn’t he fetch the dog damn ball already lady.

It’s not like you can tell them. You just have to do what is best for them and if that isn’t fucking hard when all you want to do is make them happy. He’s my heart and to see him so down and depressed made me hurt. I know he’s a dog, I know. But don’t tell me I can’t feel what I do about my dog because I do and my feelings aren’t wrong dammit!

Somewhere during this time we decided to make the stupidest decision and adopt a puppy. That kept Frosty on his toes and it might have actually helped him perk up a bit more because “WHERE IS THE PUPPY? I CAN NOT NOT SEE THE PUPPY FOR ONE SINGLE SECOND!”

It helped that she was so freaking adorable.

So the weeks went on, until finally today.

Today is the day Frosty is all clear and gets to go back to his favorite thing in life.


The boy is obsessed and taking this break only made the obsession that much stronger.

Being able to do THIS again, made it all worth it.

A life without his ball would be no life at all.