Pet Portait Commissions

 Your Custom Pet Art

Thank you so much for your interest. For me, creating pet artwork is all about bringing to life the joy and happiness of your pet. I imagine what they’d look like in the full spectrum of rainbow colors because they are all special rainbow unicorn floofs!

Creating a one of a kind painting for collectors is a true honor and a privilege. It’s as though you’ve allowed me into your kitchen to create a luscious and decadent cake for you…

so let’s eat more cake, pet more dogs and cakes, and make art!


All commissioned pieces by my collectors are one-of-a-kind and will never be made into reproductions or offered as prints or any other artwork. This is yours and yours alone!

As the buyer, you have exclusive rights to display the artwork in your home or office. I relinquish my right to reproduce the work for profit in any way. I will still share the piece on my site or social media.  This is your piece of art to cherish and value for years to come.


Each painting will be painted in acrylic and watercolor with your choice of  watercolor paper or canvas.  

Canvas pieces are 1 ½“ deep and can be hung directly on your wall without a frame.  If you would like a larger piece of artwork  let me know and we can discuss options as shipping large prices becomes expensive.

Sizes & Prices

Prices listed  include the non-refundable $50 commission reservation deposit and will be billed before delivery of the finished work.  Pricing does not include additional edits to the finished painting, shipping, or framing.

Payment plans are also available.  

  • 9×12 watercolor paper: $75
  • 12×12 canvas: $100
  • 14×14 canvas: $125
  • 16×20 canvas: $175
  • 18×24 canvas:  $225
  • larger + custom sizes are available, including paintings on wood!  Email me to discuss your vision!


Free shipping for all artwork up to 18×24.

I ship all artwork in eco-friendly or reused boxes via USPS.


Typically the entire process takes 4-6 weeks. That includes the creation of the art, curing (drying) time and then varnishing and more drying.

Note: Curing time can vary depending on the time of year, humidity, and other factors outside of my control. I want to ensure your piece if fully cured before applying varnish so that it doesn’t crack or craze.

Next steps

  1. Reserve your commission here
  2. I’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete so I can get to know your pet better!
  3. I’ll send you a schedule on what to expect and when
  4. I get busy planning and creating your art!