Courses for web designers & freelancers

I’ve run a lean and profitable digital agency for 10+ years with my husband. We’ve been through the trenches and have now started to build up our processes and systems and we want to teach them to you. Learn from our mistakes, our tears, our joys, and everything inbetween.

How to choose a niche and be confident in what the hell to do next?

Choose a niche. Everyone says choose a niche. Or they say, don’t limit yourself. Well, we’ve done both and choosing a niche is the best decision we every made.

How to productize your service offerings and increase your profits

After you’ve got your niche, having a really clear offering is going to be easier to scale and provide additional value. You’re the expert. Start acting like it.

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Courses for makers, artists & photographers

Are you a maker, artist, or photographer and struggling with your website? We have worked with hundreds of creative professionals like yourself in the past 15 years and we have heard the same thing over and over. You are overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and not making enough money. And really, all you wanna do is make stuff. 

Turn your brochure website into a conversion machine!

So, ya got a website? How’s it working for you? For most creative professionals that we talk to, they aren’t generating enough revenue from their site. We help you fix the holes and get focused.

Figuring out & implementing a social media strategy

We take the guesswork out of figuring out where to be online and what to share. 

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