Getting Serious…

I remember one day, waking up, the morning of August 21st 2010 and deciding that I didn’t want to smoke anymore. I had smoked on and off for about 15 years at that point and on that day, for whatever reason, I had had enough. I quit the tobacco and the herb that day and haven’t had any since.

I know people who have struggled so hard to quit smoking…for me it was pretty easy. Ya see, smoking wasn’t my vice. It was something I did more out of boredom and because my partner smoked too.  It was there, so I did it. Stupid really.

Food on the other hand…she’s a bitch. A bitch you can’t just quit and never have again.  There’s that funny thing about needing it to actually live…which is something I’m keen on doing.  For years I’ve tried to lose weight and have been successful but always gaining again.

But I know I have that determination and that drive to be more. To be the healthiest I can be.  That isn’t going to revolve around seeing a specific number on the scale, but about real life motivations;  sitting comfortable in a seat in a theater;  being able to walk around the local fair without getting winded; being able to run with my dogs on an agility field; going horseback riding; not thinking about my weight first when deciding if I can or can’t do something.

I’m over it. I’m done with it. I want to be free.

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill