Update! 50 Mystery Watercolor Flower Paintings – Your Choice!

Update! 50 Mystery Watercolor Flower Paintings – Your Choice!

And you get a flower and you get a flower!

So, when I set out and planned the 50 Mystery Watercolor Flower Painting project, I gave myself a very limited time to do it.

  • 20 minutes to setup the page
  • 5 minutes to setup bumpsale.co and stripe
  • Asked a few friends for feedback on the idea (waited a couple of hours)
  • Launched it, so imperfectly!

I knew if I sat on it for a few days, I’d talk myself out of it.

And now, I get to change it because what do I tell my clients? Launch it and test the shit out of it.

Then, iterate, iterate, iter…

So, I’m iterating…

I received a lot of feedback around choosing a specific flower. People were waiting and checking and missing out.

I heard that y’all are loving the mystery but you still have a favorite flower. I totally get it and appreciate and love the feedback. Thank you thank you.

So, now you get to decide what flower you want me to paint. I’ve updated the flowers that are available on the project page.

If you have previously purchased a flower I will be emailing you to let you know of this change and to confirm your flower. You can have the one you originally purchased or choose a new one.

If there’s a specific flower that you want but don’t see listed or if you have any questions contact me.