Thanksgiving Dessert Table

Thanksgiving Dessert Table

I am obsessed with desserts. I am obsessed with design. S0, of course, dessert tables will be my new obsession. I love them and wish I could make them every week.

Out of the few that I’ve done, this might be my favorite.


From the backdrop (tulle, sheer curtains and burlap) to my antique wooden crates to the table that used my old (50+ years) barrel, it all came together.


Of course there was pie. Lots of pie, thanks to my sister-in-law Lisa. Apple, Coconut Custard, Pumpkin and Chocolate Silk. So much good pie.

My traditional thanksgiving not only includes pie, but also NY style italian cookies, like rainbow cookies and butter cookies with raspberry jelly with chocolate and sprinkles.



Then there was cake.

The most amazing pumpkin cake I have ever had. If you make one cake in your life, make the Pumpkin Browned Butter Bourbon cake.

There are no words for this cake. I will love it always.


Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel

I don’t know when it happened. Sometime last year I got it into my head that I wanted to do a “theme” Christmas tree.

I was tired of lugging out all of our decorations. So instead, I just went and bought a bunch of new ones and did a BIG tree – where every ornament and ball was bigger than my head.

I loved it. But I still had to pack all that up when Christmas was over.

I thought I had learned something but then November hit, and I was all, “welllll, maybe I’ll do a woodland/rustic tree this year” and then the shopping for all things woodland began.

And because I like to keep busy, I decided to toss the mantel into the mix.


For the sign, I searched for some old wood palettes, but then it rained and what I found was too wet. So I went to Lowes and picked up a piece of 3′ X 4′ pine board and had them cut it into four 1′ x 3′ pieces. Then I grabbed some stain I had in the garage (from our wedding 10 years ago) and stained each board.

Once they dried I attempted to rough them up with a hammer, sand paper, and a screwdriver. It didn’t really work too well and I was also really impatient and wanted to get this done.

Next I chalked out the letters and painted them in with white acrylic. I also painted the edges with a rough coat of the same white paint and “snow” using a paintbrush and finger technique.

It’s very complicated.

I took the 4 piece of wood and I glued it to the back of the three pieces and then I used those handy 3m sticky picture pieces to hang it up.

If I don’t look too close I like it.


The pine cone. I had it originally on our Christmas Tree until my husband declared it looked like the trees penis.


Now it’s on the mantel and size proportionate. Maybe.

Also, look at the little pine cone bird. I love him.


I got this “hurricane” (??) candle holder in a garage sale swap. We had a family garage sale last month, and  I had a candle holder that I hated, so I was going to sell it. My mother in law did the same thing.

When we each saw the others candle holder, we decided to swap. I filled this one up with epsom salt for a “snowy” look.


This little fella is adorbs too. I picked him and his friend up at Wal-Mart (last minute trip) and thought they would look cute with all the other scenery.

And he does.


My little reindeer friend was a buy at Michael’s. He’s bigger than what you would probably expect. I’m a fan of that.


I love how this turned out.

Most of my inspiration here came from The Lily Pad Cottage, with a bit of my own twist.