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  • SOLD

    Worthy – Glitter Boobs – 6×6

  • Summer Ladies Acrylic Floral Paintings

    Summer Ladies

  • Strong as Hell – Worthy Series – 18×18

  • SOLD

    Strong – Glitter Boobs – 6×6

  • Stellar Love – 10×10

  • Sparkle sloth in a sparkle world – 12×12

  • Shine Your Life – 6×6

  • She Believed – Worthy Series – 18×18



14 years ago I convinced Sean to go to the animal shelter so we could adopt a kitten. We had Stormy at the time and thought he might like a friend. Sean agreed, thinking they would be closed since it was NYE. They were not. They also didn’t have any kittens at the...

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Acrylic pouring supplies for beginners

When I first started acrylic pouring, I didn’t have half of these things and I did just fine. It was fun experimenting and figuring out what I needed and what I could reuse. Now I have my go-to’s and a specific process and I still enjoy new ways to do things so I’ll...

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Art is never wrong

So I fell into a "10 things acrylic painters do wrong" rabbit hole on youtube. I'm totally doing all the things wrong. Okay, not all the things but maybe some of them. And depending on the video maybe none of them. I stopped painting for a long time because I thought...

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