Hello. I'm a color addict.

In love with watercolor, acrylic, and resin.

Colors hold so many secrets...

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Gift Tag

  • Undercover (mini)

  • To the top (mini)

  • Gold Nuggets🏅

  • Pinks Creeper

  • Fox


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  • 9x12 Original Watercolor Giraffe Painting


  • Hummingbird


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Art is never wrong

So I fell into a "10 things acrylic painters do wrong" rabbit hole on youtube. I'm totally doing all the things wrong. Okay, not all the things but maybe some of them. And depending on the video maybe none of them. I stopped painting for a long time because I thought...

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Grief Day 499

I read a post at 3am from a woman whose dog is really sick. She was questioning whether or not it was a good idea to visit him while he's being hospitalized. I knew immediately what I wanted to tell her. GO BE WITH HIM! But, I didn't want to scare her. That's my own...

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You probably aren’t charging enough for your services

My hairstylist charged me $20 bucks to color my hair. When I told her she was crazy, she said, "but I just threw some color on, it didn't take long, no big deal." I don't know about you, but when I "throw color on my head" it doesn't look the way she makes it look. My...

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